10 Tips For Healthy Weight Loss

10 Tips For Healthy Weight Loss | www.giverecipe.com

 It is possible to lose 1 pound a week. Does it sound too slow? You know it’s the healthy way of losing weight. If you lose 1 pound a week, that means you will lose 4 pounds in a month and it is a satisfactory amount for lots of people. If you continue following these tips, you will continue losing excessive fat from your body and you will become healthy!

The key point here is to know that these are not parts of a diet plan, but some tips for substituting healthy foods for unhealthy ones.

1. Eating too many pickles causes bloating and water retention, which makes your body look larger, so reduce the amount of pickles or pickled cucumbers. You can have sweet peppers as a snack instead. Peppers are in low calories and help you feel full.

2. Eat pop corn instead of chips. A package of chips is 10 times worse than pop corn with the oil it contains. You can lose 0.5lbs a week even by doing this.

3. If you love hamburger a lot and if you can’t live without it, you can still have it but prefer a small one, which is around 400 calories. It is of course better if you reduce or avoid mayo in it.

4. Instead of sweet cornflakes, you should prefer whole-wheat cornflakes and sweeten it with some raisins.

5. Avoid fizzy drinks, they are full of sugar and they don’t have any nutritious effects. You can have fresh fruit juice with some ice cubes instead, it is tastier and healthy.

6. Prefer roasted chicken to fried and don’t eat its skin, which contains high calories.

7. Instead of a high calorie dressing containing mayonnaise, use a dressing with yogurt and herbs.

8. Reduce the amount of coffee you have a day. Coffee slows down your metabolism and prevents losing weight. You can have fruit or herb tea instead.

9. Do you eat chocolate everyday? Prefer dark one, which contains more chocolate and less fat.

10. Go out for a walk! Do not go to the market by car, go there on foot. Moving is so important for weight loss, so try to create chances for walking.

Do you think it is impossible to make these changes for weight loss?

As it is not a strict diet plan, I think it must be easier. You can think of other alternatives too! You may not do all of them at the same time, but you will feel the difference even when you apply just one of them.



  1. Lorna Moravec says

    This instruction is solid and sound. It points the way toward an entire attitude of “baby steps” which is a very do-able approach to changing anything, especially things involving feelings, behavior, and habits. Very good! Thanks. Lorna

    • says

      Hi Lorna,
      These are so simple, aren’t they? Simple things might cause significant changes in one’s life and these make a good sample for it.

  2. says

    A great list of tips that are easy to integrate into daily life. Thank you for sharing. I walk all the time…and it does wonders for my body, soul, and mind!

    • says

      Walking is the best sport, isn’t it? It doesn’t require any equipment, you don’t have to go to a gym, just save some time for it! As you say, it is great for us in many ways!

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